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EHRS Appeal for Israel

Our community joins in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Israel in shock and revulsion at the terrorist incursion into Israel by Hamas. We mourn those who were murdered and pray for the release of the hostages who were kidnapped into Gaza. We support the communities affected and share our heartfelt care with all the people of Israel. As Jews who pray and act for peace we hope that the people of Gaza will be able to throw off Hamas tyranny so that Israel and Gaza can speedily come to live in peace with each other.

Following our EHRS Community meeting on Tuesday 10 October, attended by over 400 people in person and online, our Council resolved that we will forward an appeal for the following four effective causes in Israel. Please contribute directly if you feel moved to do so, so that funds move speedily to them. If you have difficulties doing so then our Synagogue Office can help.

1) The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) emergency fund. This will be used to help the people of the Sha’ar HaNegev congregations which were attacked directly by the terrorists and to enable the IMPJ to offer humanitarian aid in all of their congregations which are hosting people from the region. Please click here to donate. Click here for an update on what they have been achieving with our donations.

2) Magen David Adom emergency fund. This is Israel’s emergency response organisation which urgently needs help to be able to provide the services that are needed by so many wounded people in Israel. Please click here to donate.

3) The Leo Baeck Education Center in Haifa. This is a pluralist school, community centre and Reform Synagogue which is transporting food donations to soldiers in all areas of Israel, caring for children displaced from the South of Israel to the relative safety of Haifa and for hundreds of children on school trips to the North of the country who have not been able to return home. Please click here to donate. Click here for an update on what they have been achieving with our donations.

4) The UJIA British Jewish Community Israel emergency appeal. This appeal pools contributions from British Jews to target them to the areas most at need in this crisis. Please click here to donate.

Thank you for your support at this time. Your Rabbis are here for you at any time you need us.

Campaigns & Videos

Our Jewish Values at this time of Crisis: Leaders, rabbis and members from across the Jewish community including at EHRS have signed a statement of Jewish values and core principles in response to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The statement is available to read and sign here
It begins: “We are Jews who believe wholeheartedly in the right of Israel to exist and flourish and the right of Palestinians to self-determination in a state of their own. We refuse to give up on the vision of Israel and a Palestinian state one day existing side-by-side. This is the only long-term solution that will not involve untold bloodshed.”The statement lists five core principles, based in Jewish teaching, to guide our responses to the grave challenges of the current moment and ensure that out of this horror comes a commitment to a future in which Israelis and Palestinians can live in mutual peace and security.

Rabbi Debbie on Radio 5 Live and Radio London:
Rabbi Debbie was interviewed on Radio 5 Live on Monday 30 October. Her interview begins four minutes into this programme. Rabbi Debbie was interviewed on Radio London on Sunday 22 October at one hour and forty-three minutes into this programme.

EHRS Youth Sing for Peace in Israel and Gaza: Please click here to see the video of EHRS Youth singing at their October camp for peace. Od Yavo Shalom Aleynu! Please do not share this video further but enjoy watching it.

Yochoved Lifschitz – the dignity of released hostage: This video within a BBC story shows the dignity one of the very few released hostages as she says shalom to her Hamas captor. Bring them home.

Community Briefing from the Board of Deputies, UJIA, the Jewish Leadership Council, the Community Security Trust, the IDF and other Jewish community organisations: Please click here for the 29/10/23 briefing. Please click here for the 15/10/23 briefing. They are very helpful to understanding the choices that we are making as a congregation.

Political Action: The organisation ‘We Believe in Israel’ is running a campaign to encourage people to ask their MP to be steadfast in their support of Israel at this time. The aim is to ensure that letters from people who understand the situation of Israel and her need for support are at least as numerous as the opposite. Please click here for a link to a template letter.


Please click here for a helpful guide to well-being from a number of Jewish organisations.

EHRS Rabbis' Sermons

EHRS Rabbis’ Sermons on the war between Israel and Hamas

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