Together Groups

EHRS Together Groups are all about making our congregation of over 3000 people a place where we know each other and are can find people who share their interests. It’s a great way of making sure that more and more of our members find the people within the Synagogue that we would especially enjoy getting to know. It is based on a very successful model that has been developed by a number of other large Synagogues around the world. Two great examples are Central Synagogue in Manhattan’s Core Groups click here, and The Temple of Atlanta, Georgia’s Temple Connect Small Groups click here.

The idea is this: your synagogue supports our members in creating groups, which could be as few as five or six people or as many as twenty-five to thirty, around any interest or topic that sits alongside the values of the Synagogue. They could be shared care groups or interest groups. They could be groups to help meet a challenge. They could be groups just for fun. They could be learning groups. The principle is that they are led by members of the Synagogue with the support of the Synagogue staff team to get started, get out to members and find resources.

Together groups are a natural way of bringing our community together, person by person and helping our Synagogue to be more and more. It is a way of building great relationships in our lives with people we do know and with people we don’t. If you have a group you might like to get going please contact any of our Rabbis, Marian Cohen or Val Joseph at the Synagogue and we will be delighted to help you.

Our current and proposed EHRS Together groups are listed alphabetically below.

Badminton Group

Mondays, 20:00-21:00 in Aldenham

Do you play, did you play or do you want to play Badminton?

Come and join us each week for a friendly doubles game or two in a non-competitive environment.

Level – recreational / social

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Bumps, Babies & Coffee!

EHRS are here to support parents and families. Are you about to have a baby or have recently had a baby? (up to 1 years old), come and join our informal morning and meet other parents (to-be).

The session will be facilitated by Emma Gilmore – Postnatal Practitioner. A great place to share ideas, connect with others and discuss relevant topics in the transition to parenting and life with a new baby. Let your little ones enjoy our baby area and toys, while you enjoy a hot refreshment.

Members and non-members of EHRS all welcome.

Contact Sarah Koster for more information,


Coffee & Chat

Wednesdays, 10:30-12:00 fortnightly

Our tea and coffee mornings take place in the EHRS lounge every second and fourth Wednesday of the month for those on their own who would like to meet others in the same situation.

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Join our monthly Cookalong’s where we create delicious treats together with all different types of foods, led by Rabbi Debbie and open to all adults who would like to join us.

Past Cookalong’s have included Hamantashen for Purim, Vegan dishes, Chinese fakeaway, fresh pasta, a Tu B’Shevat seder, Pesach florentines and cocktails, Foraging and Freebies, Shavuot alternatives to cheesecake, challah making, cookies & loaf cakes for tea, making our own ice-cream, and vegan & Parev desserts.

Wednesday 24 August, 20:00: Summer Pudding Sandwiches! A fabulous re-boot of the English Summer Classic! (back on Zoom)

Wednesday 21 September, 20:00: Honey Cake Bake Cookalong. We will be attempting the mammoth task of creating enough honey cake to feed the community at Rosh Hashanah Kiddush! This will take place in person in the Community Centre. Please register to join us by emailing Rabbi Debbie at

Wednesday 26 October, 20:00: Sausage Roll Cookalong. We’re on a Roll! Join Bonnie Lemer of ‘Bonnie Bakes For You’ on Zoom as we make our own shortcrust pastry and fillings for delicious chicken or vegetarian sausage rolls. Please email for the ingredients list and Zoom details

Please click here to register your interest in our cookalongs

Foraging Group

During the special Jewish Year known as the ‘Shmita’ or sabbatical, we are looking forward to learning with our member Peter Bradley about local foraging opportunities through the seasons.

Sunday 4 September, 10:30-12:00
Summer Foraging
Join our fantastic Foraging Together Group for the last in our series honouring Shmitta. We will venture onto Stanmore Common with Foraging maven and member Peter Bradley (who has expertly guided and fed us homemade treats through our foraging this year). We will discover what late summer bounty can be harvested, and how to eat it!

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This recently established informal, friendly and caring social group is for those aged 60 plus who lost their partners during Covid or in recent years.

If you are interested in this group please click here to register your interest.

Israeli Dancing

Mondays, 11:00-12:30

Please join us for our Israeli Dance Class at EHRS. This class is for all adults and runs weekly.

A warm welcome to all who want to join us for this energetic and fun morning.

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Let's Talk about ED

If you are the parent of a teen who is battling an eating disorder, you might like to chat with other mums and dads in a similar situation to share your struggles, exchange tips on how to cope or just know that you are not alone.

To join this warm, non-judgemental group, please click here to register.


Following on from the success of Genesis, a recently established bereavement group for those who have recently lost their partners and which is now full, there is demand for another group.

This group will be for those in their 70s and bereaved, who would like to meet others in a similar situation with a view to doing things together.

If this appeals to you and you would like to find out more please click here to register your interest for this group.

Rabbi Kraft Memorial Book Club

The ‘Rabbi Kraft Memorial Book Club’, was set up in memory of our dearly missed Rabbi Neil Kraft z”l. Rabbi Kraft was a keen reader and we’re sure that he would have been pleased with this new venture. As a tribute to Rabbi Kraft we will include books which touch on the values he was most passionate about, such as understanding and caring.

We will meet on the first Tuesday of each month (unless specified)
For more information about the book club and your suggestions for future books to discuss, please email

Coming Up in person at EHRS:
Tuesday 6 September, 19:30 – ‘The Memory Keep of Kyiv’ by Erin Litteken
Tuesday 1 November, 19:30 – ‘The Ocean Liner’ by Marius Gabriel

More details of these books can be found on the calendar section of the website

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Rosh Chodesh

The New Moon is a traditional women’s holiday, but this monthly study group is open to all.

Rabbi Debbie welcomes everyone who would like to learn at this monthly group in person and on Zoom.
Throughout 5782 (2021-22) our monthly Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) group is deepening their knowledge and engagement with Jewish rituals, ancient and new, sometimes a bit of both!

Thursday 1 September, 20:00-21:30
Soul Candles Rosh Hodesh: You are warmly invited to join our Rosh Hodesh Group, who this year have been focusing on rituals, to rediscover and perform the ritual of Soul Candles, remembering our loved ones in Elul and bringing a lost ritual back to life. Ideally join us in person in order to create candles together, or email Rabbi Debbie at for details on resources to join us from home. These candles may be lit at our alternative Yizkor service on Yom Kippur if you wish.

A New Series for 5783: Sun and Moon – Both Give Light
For this new year of months, we will be inviting guests who might typically be seen to have opposing view points, and exploring how they hold space together despite their differences.
Thursday 24 November, 20:00
We will begin our series with a session that many have requested – Rabbi Debbie will be joined by her husband, Rabbi Gary Somers, who received Orthodox semichah in 2019 in the area of kashrut. How does a Reform Rabbi build a life with an Orthodox Rabbi?

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Schmoozing with the Rabbis

New Options: For the active retired and semi-retired (60 plus)

Join our Rabbis for a light hearted topical discussion, in an informal setting, in person at EHRS and on Zoom

Wednesday 7 September with Rabbi Debbie, 10.30-11.30
Wednesday 12 October with Rabbi Mark, 10.30-11.30

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Shaking Sixties

The Shaking Sixties
Launching on Thursday 13 October, 20:00-21:30

If you lived through the 1960s or just love 60s music, then this group is for you!

From Cliff Richard, Elvis Presley, Roy Obison, Neil Sedaka, Marty Wilde, Billy Fury, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Supremes, to great singers such as Matt Monroe, Dusty Springfield, Tom Jones, Scott Walker, together with many other memorable groups and singers from that era.

We look forward to welcoming you each month with videos and songs on very informal basis, where we will play many of your favourites!

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Singing Circle

Mondays, 14:00-15:00

Do you enjoy singing in the EHRS service and are in awe of the choir?

The Singing Circle is an opportunity for anyone who doesn’t have perfect pitch to sing a medley of EHRS favourites and learn some new Hebrew songs based on short texts which will be transliterated. We can always throw in some English hits of yesteryear. And you don’t have to read music.

Join Lawrence Cohen, your song leader, for an hour of joyous harmonies! This group runs weekly at EHRS.

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Talmud Class

EHRS’s stimulating and friendly Talmud class is open to all levels of Jewish knowledge. Join Rabbi Mark to grapple with the ideas of our classical Rabbis. Join the discussion of 2000 years ago and its remarkable relevance to issues today.

No previous Talmud study experience necessary, just a thirst to get deep into the foundational texts of Judaism.

This class is conducted online through Zoom as discussion and argument is what it is all about!

Upcoming dates:
Sundays, 18 September & 23 October, 10:00-11:00

Please click here to book your place and you will receive the Talmud texts we are studying.

TV Addicts Club

Do you enjoy documentaries, TV shows, and films? Do you like films but not the cinema?

This Together Group will meet fortnightly on a Thursday evening, 19:30-22:00 to enjoy brand new and old classics of TV and film.

Come along and meet people with the same enthusiasm and relax in front of the box, safe and comfortable, with delicious treats to enjoy whilst we watch.

Upcoming features:
Thursday 18 August, 19:30 – 1917
Thursday 1 September, 19:30 – West Side Story (2021)
Thursday 15 September, 19:30 – Elvis (2022)
Thursday 29 September, 18:45 – Fiddler on the Roof (this evening includes a light buffet supper, pre-booking required click here)

Please click here to register your interest to join this group.

Whiskey Tasting Group

Join us at EHRS for an evening of whiskey tasting where you can sample different whiskys and chat about your favourites with others who share the same love for this delicious tipple.

Members are asked to supply whisky which we can all have a taste of. Please bring your own whisky tumbler if you so wish, though small disposable shot glasses will be available.

Light refreshments will be provided. Hosted by Laurence Stein.

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Yiddish Group

Do you speak Yiddish? We are gauging interest for a Yiddish redendike Together Group.

We’re not entirely sure what form this would take just yet, but it’s likely to be a conversation group for us to shmues af mame-loshn.

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