Pray Together

Our Synagogue services cater for all ages and styles. There is a wide range of alternative and focussed services, depending on members’ interests and the needs of different age groups. We are always happy to consider new ideas to attract different groups, and members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of services

Services and activities are taking place as usual, in person and online.
There are a few activities for which booking is still required. This is clear in the calendar section of the website.

You have the option of wearing a face covering while onsite, and in the Beit Tefillah there is a section for those who would like to sit with others wearing masks. Activities will still go ahead even if we have a small number of attendees.


Kuddle-Up Shabbat Service: Fridays 16:15 – 16:45 (see calendar for dates)
Join our Rabbis and the Shabbat dinosaur for Shabbat stories and songs. Best for younger children.

Erev Shabbat Service: Every Friday 18:30 followed by Kiddush

Friday Night Lights: Monthly at 20:00
Join our Rabbis on Erev Shabbat for a warm and friendly candle lighting and Shabbat songs.


First Shabbat Shiur: Monthly 9:15-10:15
Our Shiurim are on all kinds of areas of Jewish life.

Bite of Torah: Monthly 9:15-10:15
Learn Torah with our Rabbis at these sessions, which are full of new insightsthat bring Torah to life.

Shabbat Morning Service: Every Saturday at 10:30 followed by Kiddush.

Shabbat Club: Monthly on Saturdays 11:15-12:15 (see calendar for dates)
A Shabbat experience for up to 11 year olds to enjoy Parasha and Shabbat themed activities, stories and songs. Finishes in time to join the community for Kiddush.

Parallel Shabbat Services: Our parallel services such as HaKol B’Seder, Healing Service, Shabbat for the Soul, Cornerstone, and Shabbat BaBayit will also occur from time to time in addition to the regular Shabbat Morning Service.


Sunday Shacharit: weekly at 9.30
A short service, those saying Kaddish are especially invited.

***Festival Services held throughout the year are indicated in our
LeDor VaDor magazine as well as in the weekly ‘Our Week Ahead’ email.***

Rabbi's Sermons