High Holy Days 2023/5784

High Holy Days 2023/5784

EHRS High Holy Day Appeal for 2023/5784
Please click here for the 2023 application form

For charities to be included in EHRS’ HHD Appeal, they need to fall into one of the following categories:
Tikkun Atzmi: The repair and improvement of ourselves and of our own community.
Tikkun Ami: Support of Jews both in the UK and abroad.
Tikkun Olam: Helping repair the wider community.

Criteria for Inclusion:
The chosen charity should reflect the ethos and values of EHRS.
Large, national and multinational charities will only be considered for inclusion if the application is for a specific project(s) that meet the agreed criteria.
The Tzedakah Committee should be satisfied that the money raised through the HHD Appeal for a chosen charity will “make a difference” and be put towards projects specified by the charity.
The chosen charity/organisation must be willing to engage in an ongoing relationship with EHRS. This would include agreeing to speak at EHRS – in a service or in an education or community forum as agreed with both parties.
Charities are not eligible to apply if they have been included in the previous year’s HHD Appeal.

Please note:
Charities who submit an application should be aware that both EHRS’ Honorary Officers and Synagogue Council will agree to, and have the final say on, all charities included in the HHD Appeal.
Please do not include additional marketing materials with your application as you will be contacted should these be required.

High Holy Days 2022/5783

Erev Rosh Hashanah – Sunday 25 September
1st Day Rosh Hashanah – Monday 26 September
2nd Day Rosh Hashanah – Tuesday 27 September

Kol Nidre – Tuesday 4 October, Fast begins 18:17
Yom Kippur – Wednesday 5 October, Fast ends 19:16

Please scroll down for full details for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

Erev Sukkot – Sunday 9 October
Sukkot – Monday 10 October

Erev Simchat Torah – Sunday 16 October
Simchat Torah – Monday 17 October

Please click here for full details on Sukkot and Simchat Torah

Thank you for choosing to come to EHRS on the High Holy Days.
Please click here for this year’s High Holy Day Ticket Application Form which you can complete online.
Our High Holy Day Brochure for 2022 will be sent with your tickets, and you can click here to view online.
If you are a visitor, the cost of your ticket to join us will be refunded in full if you choose to join EHRS in the coming year. If you would like to know more please contact us at admin@ehrs.uk. We would love to welcome you to our community.

Students & Young Adults
The Movement for Reform Judaism is delighted to launch their High Holy Day Ticket scheme 5783 which enables students and young adults to attend High Holy Day services for free at their nearest Reform or Liberal synagogue rather than their home synagogue. To apply for the scheme click here.

High Holy Day Appeal 2022

During the course of each year the synagogue receives many requests for donations for various causes. We tend to keep these until the High Holy Days and then ask the various charities to make an application to us, preferably with a project. A tzedakah group, made up of people from the community, men and women and of different age groups, then meets and chooses from those applications, charities to support which they believe will speak to all interests in the community.
We had 25 charities to consider. The charities were divided into 3 categories: – Tikkun Atzmi, Tikkun Ami & Tikkun Olam.
The tzedakah group recommends the following charities for the coming appeal:

Tikkun Atzmi – the repair & improvement of ourselves & our local community

GIFT – GIFT’s vision is community engaged, supported and empowered by the gift of giving. The Giving Kitchen at GIFT with the help of volunteers aims to provide a hot meal to 300 people each week, to support vulnerable people who are old, ill or suffering from severe mental health issues, and unable to prepare their own meals.
My Yard – My Yard supports over 80 families in temporary accommodation on some of Harrows most deprived housing estates. The need for a new fridge freezer will help to continue their work in providing food parcels and support to these families.
Resource – Resource is the only organisation that helps people from across the Jewish Community exclusively with their job search. Recruiting professional volunteers and facilitators are needed to provide training and work shop sessions.

Tikkun Ami – the support of Jews both in the UK and abroad

Hadassah UK – Hadassah UK is dedicated to raising funds for the Hadassah Medical Organisation in Jerusalem and promoting its medical and scientific excellence. They are supporting 2 projects, Hadassah Hospital’s Humanitarian recent Medical Mission in Lublin, Poland and on the Ukranian border, and the New Helmsley Paediatric bone marrow transplantation at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.
Krembo Wings – The mission of Krembo Wings is to build a world in which children and youth of any ability actualise their right to development, inclusion and visibility. Help is needed for the South Tel Aviv branch to enable the youth to find a place in their community, and provide social activities to help impact their lives.
Meketa – Meketa was set up to assist the thousands of Jews who remain in Gondar Ethiopia and who live in dire poverty. Their new project for the Jewish children in Gondar is to provide a biology lab, to continue their education.

Tikkun Olam – helping to repair the wider world

Bloody Good Period – BGP has worked with over 100 partner organisations to provide period products to those who are least able to afford them. Bloody Good Education is a programme that provides sexual and reproductive health information to refugee and asylum seeking women. Help is needed to provide online sessions.
Chain of Hope – Chain of Hope provides vital cardiac care to children from war-torn and developing countries. The charity is planning 4 medical missions to Jordan to treat refugee children, providing potentially life saving cardiac treatment.
Our Second Home – Our Second Home is a youth movement that empowers refugees and migrants to flourish in a place that they call home. Their new project, for their first ‘Leaders Retreat’ will bring together young refugee leaders to offer specialised training and develop as a resilient community of leaders.

To read more about these charities please click here, and to make your donation please click here

Elul 2022

Elul is our month of preparation to get us ready for the spiritual work of the High Holy Days. This year there will be a series of preparatory workshops with our Rabbis. Where Zoom is mentioned, please refer to your member’s hard copy of the HHD Brochure or email admin@ehrs.uk for details

Soul Candles Rosh Hodesh
Thursday 1 September, 20:00-21:30
You are warmly invited to join our Rosh Hodesh Group, who this year have been focusing on rituals, to rediscover and perform the ritual of Soul Candles, remembering our loved ones in Elul and bringing a lost ritual back to life. Ideally join us in person in order to create candles together, or email Rabbi Debbie at rabbi.debbie@ehrs.uk for details on resources to join us from home. These candles may be lit at our alternative Yizkor service on Yom Kippur if you wish.

First Shabbat Shiur
Saturday 3 September, 9:15-10:15
Can Yom Kippur be a conversion moment? Audacious Jews – Franz Rosenzweig. Join returning guest speaker Jonathan Bergwerk to learn more about this modern Jewish philosopher who was nearly lost to Christianity until he had an extraordinary experience on Yom Kippur 1913! Hosted by Rabbi Debbie in person and on Zoom.

Bite of Elul Torah
Saturday 17 September, 9:15-10:15
During Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we have plenty of opportunity in our services and shiurim to consider the special Torah portions. What about the Haftarot that accompany them? The choice of Jonah for Yom Kippur afternoon seems obvious – how about the others? Why were they chosen and what do they ask us to consider at this special time of the year? Study with Rabbi Mark at Synagogue or on Zoom.

Shabbat B’Bayit Saturday
Saturday 17 September, 11:00-12:00
Transforming ourselves for the High Holy Days begins in Elul. On the eve of Selichot join us on Zoom or on the EHRS Facebook Page for an informal reflective space to help us prepare for the High Holy Days.

Selichot Choral Service & Film
Saturday 17 September, 20:30-00:10
Selichot is a beautiful way to bring yourself towards the High Holy Days and to enhance their spiritual impact. We come together on Saturday evening to hear for the first time the sound of the High Holy Days and the poems which search our souls.
We will start the evening with the Israeli film ‘Footnote’ which won the award for Best Screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. ‘Footnote’ asks the question: how far do we need to go to honour our parents? Israeli academic Eliezer Shkolnik gets a letter informing him that he is in line for the prestigious Israel Prize. The problem is that this letter was meant to go to his rather more eminent academic son Uriel Shkolnik. When Uriel is told of the mistake what should he do? An engaging ethical quandary for the High Holy Days!After a break for refreshments, at 23:00 we will begin our beautiful choral service led by our rabbis, our Cantors and featuring the EHRS Choir.

Cornerstone – Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, an introduction for all
Tuesday 20 September, 20:00-21:30
Learn the meaning and practice of our High Holy Days from the ground up with Rabbi Debbie in person or on Zoom.

Honey Cake Bake Cookalong  
Wednesday 21 September, 20:00
Join our monthly cookalongs for a special in person community cookalong. We will be attempting the mammoth task of creating enough honey cake to feed the community at Rosh Hashanah Kiddush! Please register to join us by emailing Rabbi Debbie at rabbi.debbie@ehrs.uk This will take place in the Community Centre. To join our Zoom cookalongs throughout the year you can register via our Together Groups website page, www.ehrs.uk/togethergroups

Kuddle Up Tishri
Friday 23 September, 16:15-16:45
Join Rabbi Mark and the Shabbat Dinosaur at EHRS for stories and songs that will take you on a journey from Rosh Hashanah to Simchat Torah so that you can make sense of this busy Jewish month of Tishri. Best for younger children. You can come from 15:45 for a play date at shul!

Memorial Services

Sunday 18 September 2022, from 10:45

EHRS is arranging short collective Memorial Services in the Prayer Halls at
Cheshunt Western (11:00)
Cheshunt Woodlands (11:45)
Edgwarebury Lane (12:00)
Southgate (10:45)
cemeteries, following which people can visit the graves of family and friends to say a prayer & Kaddish.

We will also hold a service at EHRS (11:00) and on the EHRS Classic Channel Livestream for those whose relatives were cremated or who are buried elsewhere or who cannot attend in person.



Where Zoom is mentioned, please refer to your member’s hard copy of the HHD Brochure or email admin@ehrs.uk for details

Erev Rosh Hashanah Service, 19:30-20:40 
We open with the service which brings us into the High Holy Days, led by all of our Rabbis. Sermon given by Rabbi Jackie Tabick.

Know for whom the Shofar blows, 20:00-20:30   
Join Rabbi Mark in the Upper Synagogue or on Zoom. When you hear the Shofar call what will it ask of you this year? What does this time of the Jewish year mean to you? A chance to talk with each other as the High Holy Days begin.



Kitzur (Shortened) Shacharit and Musaf (Additional) Service, 8:30-10:00
Beit Tefillah

A shortened service with the main features of Rosh Hashnah morning condensed into 90 minutes. Includes one of our two Torah readings, Rabbi Mark Goldsmith’s sermon and the calls of the Shofar. This service will not be Livestreamed.

Shacharit & Musaf (Additional) Service, 10:30-13:00
Beit Tefillah and Upper Synagogue
The full morning service which includes the reading of Torah, the story of Hagar and Ishmael, and Haftarah and with the sermon given by Rabbi Mark Goldsmith, followed by the special service for Rosh Hashanah where we hear the haunting and inspiring sound of the Shofar and recognise the significance of the New Year. Also on the Livestream Classic Channel.

Rosh Hashanah Kiddush, 13:00-13:15
Just like Shabbat, we come together as a community for Kiddush on Zoom. We get the chance to speak with each other and create a sense of community for those who were not able to attend Synagogue in person.


Taking place in the Community Centre:

Early Years Service, 9:30-10:15  
This service is created for children aged 0-6 and their families, led by Rabbi Debbie. Enjoy apple and honey to taste the sweetness of the New Year and this active service with songs and stories and Shofar especially for you.

Primary Years Service, 10:30-11:30    
Our interactive family service for anyone aged 6-11 and their families, led by Rabbi Mark, with our up close Torah reading using EHRS’s own TorahCam and great music.

Youth Service, 11:45-12:30
Especially for people aged 11+ and their families, Rabbi Debbie and EHRS Youth Leader Jack Murphy lead our service that takes you into the next year of your life.

Stay and Schmooze and Youth Tashlich, 9:45-12:00 
On the ground floor of the Community Centre, we invite you to hang out following the Early Years Service or before or after the Primary Years Sevice, for a cuppa and conversation for adults and craft for the children. There will be the opportunity to perform Tashlich (symbolically throwing our sins to the waters) in the especially created Nagila River.

Tashlich in the Park

Monday 26 September 2022, 17:00-17:30
In Person

Our Rabbis and EHRS Team members are leading outside events in four local parks on Rosh Hashanah and you are warmly invited to come and join us for a beautiful feeling of community. Tashlich is the ceremony of throwing bread on the waters to represent washing our sins away on the first day of Rosh Hashanah

Rabbi Mark will be in Edgware
Rabbi Debbie will be in Borehamwood
Rabbi Jackie will be in Hendon
Val Joseph in Stanmore

Please bring breadcrumbs or preferably duck food.
Please see your member’s hard copy of the HHD Brochure for exact locations or email admin@ehrs.uk


Reverse Tashlich at Welsh Harp Reservoir
Sunday 2 October, 10:45-12:15

EHRS and West London Synagogue come together to help take the rubbish out of the water (rather than throwing bread into it!) at Welsh Harp Reservoir, on the A5. Together we are part of the global Jewish waterfront clean up, www.repairthesea.org/rt2022. Rabbi Mark and the EHRS Environment Action Team invite all to join us to make a difference. Please let us know you are coming. Please email admin@ehrs.uk and we will send you the details.

Fiddler on the Roof

TV Addicts Club & Supper
Thursday 29 September, 18:45-22:00

On this date, we will be watching ‘Fiddler on the Roof’, the 1971 film starring Chaim Topol and Norma Crane…. a fabulous film to show during our very special Chagim.

‘Oscar-winning adaptation of the Broadway musical about life among the Jewish community of a pre-revolutionary Russian village. A poor milkman, determined to find good husbands for his five daughters, consults the traditional matchmaker – and also has a word with God.’

This film will start at 18:45 and a light buffet supper will be available throughout. For catering purposes you will need to pre-book, donation of £5 towards food & drinks upon booking.

Please click here to book.



Where Zoom is mentioned, please refer to your member’s hard copy of the HHD Brochure or email admin@ehrs.uk for details

Shacharit and Musaf Service, 10:30-12:45
Beit Tefillah
The morning service includes the reading of Torah, the Akedah, with Abraham and Isaac, and Haftarah with the D’var Torah given by Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers, continuing with the special service for Rosh Hashanah where we again hear the haunting and inspiring sound of the Shofar and build upon the significance of the New Year. Livestreamed on the Classic Channel

Bite of Apple & Honey Torah Study, 10:30-11:30
Upper Synagogue  

Rosh Hashanah is framed by the stories of Ishmael and Isaac. This year, join Rabbi Jackie Tabick at EHRS or on Zoom as we go deeper into the text of the Hagar and Akedah narratives and the tough issues these Torah portions raise.

Earth’s Birthday Family Service, 10:30-11:30
Community Centre

This service is for young people up to age 10 and their families, led by Rabbi Debbie and Marian Cohen. Together we are going to create a birthday for the world in the tradition of Rosh Hashanah. Celebrate another year in the life of your planet.

Earth’s Birthday Youth Activities, 10:30-11:30  
Beit Midrash  
Join EHRS Youth Leader Jack Murphy to celebrate the Earth on her traditional birthday. For young people aged 11+.



Kol Nidre Service, 19:00-21:10
Beit Tefillah & Upper Synagogue

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, opens with the plaintive song Kol Nidre in this service that sets the pattern for the day. Three Torah Scrolls represent our spiritual Beit Din at the opening of the service. Sermon given by Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers. Our service will have no instrumental music. This service will be Livestreamed on the EHRS Classic Channel. Our service in the Upper Synagogue will include two pieces played by Samuel Weinstein, Cello Scholar at the Royal College of Music.

Chill Nidre, 19:10-20:10
Community Centre

This experience, for young people aged 11+ , led by EHRS Youth Worker, Jack Murphy, will take place in the new Sensory Room on the Upper Floor Community Centre to help you to find a spiritually nourishing place to start your Yom Kippur experience for this year.

How does Yom Kippur work when you are not sure about God?, 20:20-21:00
Beit Midrash

An opportunity to work with Rabbi Mark as we explore the meaning of Yom Kippur, whether or not you think that God exists. A safe space to discuss belief, doubt and commitment and the spiritual journey that we can make on Yom Kippur.



Where Zoom is mentioned, please refer to your member’s hard copy of the HHD Brochure or email admin@ehrs.uk for details


Shacharit, 10:30-13:30
Beit Tefillah and the Upper Synagogue
The morning service to take us on a journey of Teshuvah, Atonement, which includes the reading of Torah and Haftarah and with the Sermon given by Rabbi Jackie Tabick, Head of the Movement for Reform Judaism Beit Din. This service will be Livestreamed on the Classic Channel.

Musaf, 13:45-15:35
Beit Tefillah
Our Musaf service is the dramatic service in which we remember the Temple service for Yom Kippur and as part of recognising the loss and development from this ritual, we remember those who lost or dedicated their lives for Kiddush HaShem (the sanctification of God’s name). We will include new remembrances from the upcoming Reform Judaism Machzor. This service will be Livestreamed on the Classic Channel.

Minchah, 15:35-17:05
Beit Tefillah

The Yom Kippur Afternoon service focuses around the reading of the Book of Jonah. Led by Rabbi Jackie Tabick. This service will be Livestreamed on the Classic Channel.

Yizkor, 17:15-18:00
Beit Tefillah & Upper Synagogue
Our memorial service to remember our loved ones who are no longer with us including the reading of the names of those we have lost this year. Led by EHRS Emeritus Rabbi Steven Katz in the Beit Tefillah and Classic Channel with sermon given by Rabbi Steven. Also led by Rabbi Mark Goldsmith in the Upper Synagogue with sermon given by Rabbi Mark.

Neilah, 18:10-19:15
Beit Tefillah
Our concluding service for Yom Kippur led by  our Rabbis as the Gates of Repentance draw to a close. This service will be Livestreamed on the Classic Channel.

Havdallah, 19:16-19:21
At the end of the Yom Kippur fast we all join together for the short concluding ceremony for Yom Kippur and the very first act of building our Sukkah. This service will be Livestreamed on the Classic Channel.



Early Years Service, 09:30-10:15
Community Centre

Our active service with songs and Shofar is created for children aged 0-6 and their families, led by Rabbi Mark.

Stay and Schmooze, 10:15-12:00 
Community Centre
We invite you to hang out following the Early Years Service or before or after the Primary Years Service, for conversation for adults and craft for the children.

Primary Years Service, 10:45-11:45
Community Centre

Our family service for anyone aged 6-11 and their families, led by Rabbi Debbie, with our up close Torah reading using EHRS’s own TorahCam.

Youth Service, 14:00-14:45
Community Centre

Especially for people aged 11+ and their families, Rabbi Mark and EHRS Youth Leader, Jack Murphy, lead this musical Yom Kippur service with real life stories on the theme of forgiveness.

Youth Stay and Schmooze, 14:45-15:45
Community Centre

Stay for ten minutes or the whole session with EHRS Youth Leader, Jack Murphy, with all kinds of activities for Yom Kippur to help to give the day meaning and interest.

Yizkor Space for Young People, 17:15-18:30
Community Centre
While the Yizkor services take place Marian Cohen and EHRS Youth Leader, Jack Murphy have created a space for children and young people to be together on Yom Kippur. During the session we will explore what it means to remember someone special and how in our lives we can deal with loss and change when it happens.

Neilah and Havdallah for Young People, 18:30-19:21
Beit Midrash  

EHRS Youth Leader Jack Murphy and Marian Cohen bring Yom Kippur to a close with a special session of talk, prayer and craft to help young people of all ages to end Yom Kippur with meaning. You will also help to hold the Havdallah candles for the whole community at 19:16.

Yom Kippur Bedtime Story 18:45-19:05
On Zoom

Sarah Koster, EHRS Young Families Lead shares a story to complete the day of Yom Kippur for those who are heading to bed at this time. Join Sarah on Zoom at home.



Yom Kippur B’Bayit, 12:00-13:00
Zoom & Facebook

Join EHRS members Kevin Darvill and Andie Lucas live on Zoom or on the EHRS Facebook page for Yom Kippur B’Bayit (at home), an engaging Yom Kippur experience with conversation, stories, & reflections.

Neshamah Avodah, 14:00-14:45
Upper Synagogue
Experience a meditative journey through the Yom Kippur Temple service using Yoga and Jewish meditation with Lisa Morris and Rabbi Jackie Tabick.

No Beer Still a Shiur – How is Yom Kippur anything like Purim?! 15:00-15:40
Upper Synagogue & on Zoom

The Talmud says Yom Kippur is like Purim – how does that work, and what does it mean for different Jewish communities and how they mark Yom Kippur? Join Rabbi Debbie whether you are a regular or a newbie to our Young Adults Beer and Shiur monthly learning. This will also be Livestreamed on the Learning and Soul Channel.

Talmud study session, 15:40-16:25
Upper Synagogue & on Zoom

Rabbi Mark will take you into the discussions of our Rabbis two thousand years ago into what they made of Yom Kippur.  In the style of EHRS’s fortnightly popular Talmud Class. This will also be Livestreamed on the Learning & Soul Channel.

Yom Kippur Discussion 16:30-17:05
Upper Synagogue & on Zoom

Do you have a favourite reading or prayer from the Machzor that speaks to you each year? Or that you’ve particularly noticed this year? Bring it along for an informal exploration of some of our favourite pieces, whether liturgy or reflection, with Rabbi Debbie. This will also be Livestreamed on the Learning & Soul Channel.

This Year I am remembering – a personal Yizkor, 17:15-18:00
Beit Midrash & on Zoom

A special Yizkor service, led by Rabbi Debbie, in which we will pray and take time in small groups to remember those we have lost. For those who attended our Soul Candles session in Elul this will be an opportunity to light your candle. This will also be Livestreamed on the Learning & Soul Channel.

Meditative Neilah, 18:10-19:15
Upper Synagogue
Join our Rabbis for an opportunity to experience the closing of the gates in a quiet space with prayer, poetry, Kabbalistic mystical text and Jewish meditation, enabling us to take the closing hour into our souls.