Shabbat Morning Services in Person


Shabbat Morning Service In Person

We are delighted to be able to welcome you to the EHRS Beit Tefillah (sanctuary) in person. A limited number of people are able to book in directly and simply through the website, or phone our EHRS office by the Friday (noon) of the week of the service to give us the details we need. Our seating is socially distant, though of course you can sit with members of your household. We have Siddurim and Chumashim available but please bring your own Tallit if you use one. Hand sanitising is available in the Beit Tefillah.

Please click here which will take you to the calendar section, select the date you would like to attend in person for a service, and follow the link to book your place.

Please note that due to government guidelines the following requirements are necessary when attending in person

These services take place in the Beit Tefillah . (That is the main synagogue prayer hall) . There are strict rules governing how the service can be safe for you, but if you would like to be part of a minyan  in the premises, please ensure you register.
We will be allocating seats based on the reason for attending.

Please note that due to government guidelines the following requirements are necessary when attending in person –

  1. The service will be held in the Beit Tefillah. (This is the main synagogue prayer hall). You will enter via the car park entrance, NOT the main building front door. You are required to wear a mask upon entering the building and at all times while inside the premises. Hand sanitiser will be placed inside the entry, please use this before going in.
  2. Seats will be arranged at 2m space. We have to insist that the seats are not moved as we maintain this social distancing.
  3. It is not necessary and you should not bring your own book. There will be a siddur on the chair. After the service please place your book in the designated place before leaving.
  4. Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to move between the chairs to talk to other worshippers before or during the service. Please do not approach the service leader nor members of the choir. After the service and once outside the synagogue building you can of course talk to your fellow worshippers as you would do in your normal current routine and as allowed by current government regulations
  5. Singing is not allowed under the current guidelines but reading is.
  6. After the service leave observing social distancing measures and go directly to the front gate. Please maintain social distancing until you have left the site.

We are aware that this may not be like any other service you may have attended before, this is unusual for all of us. As this is a fluid situation, we will be reviewing the steps we have taken to ensure your safety, on a regular basis.