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  • The telephone is operated during the normal office hours.  Where a staff member is operating from home, they are reachable via the usual telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Please listen to the menu when you call, to be connected as appropriate and as quickly as possible.
  • Payments should be made via the website or bank transfers. Where you cannot do this, we are able to take payments over the phone using your credit or debit card.
  • It would be helpful if you do not send cheques or bring in cash as it is very difficult to bank these.



General Administration
Phone: 020 8238 1000 Email:
Phone: 020 8238 1020 Email:
Phone: 020 8238 1019 Email:
Phone: 020 8238 1018 Email:
Martine Allen Office Manager
Phone: 020 8238 1011 Email:
June Lewis PA to Rabbinic Team
Phone: 020 8238 1002 Email:
Bonnie Lemer Marketing & Communcations Officer
Phone: 020 8238 1001 Email:
Rosalinde Bloom Membership Officer
Phone: 020 8238 1004 Email:
Debbie Drapkin Membership Engagement
Phone: 020 8238 1027 Email:
Val Joseph Head of Community Care
Phone: 020 8238 1013 Email:
Marian Cohen Director of Education
Phone: 020 8238 1014 Email:
Jack Murphy Head of Youth Development
Phone: 020 8238 1024 Email:
Sarah Koster Young Families Lead
Phone: 020 8238 1025 Email:
Outside office hours our 24/7 EHRS Emergency Line is 07708 731862, it will be answered by one of the EHRS Rabbinic Team.
In case of a bereavement please call the Jewish Joint Burial Society on 020 8989 5252 They will help and support you to make the arrangements you need.  Please also call the Synagogue on 020 8238 1000  We are here to help you.


During office hours in all cases of bereavement please contact June Lewis, the Rabbis’ Personal Assistant, phone 020 8238 1002 or email

Out of office hours in all cases of a bereavement requiring a burial at any cemetary or cremation please call the Jewish Joint Burial Society on 020 8989 5252 and listen to their full message.  JJBS email