Our Trustees

Honorary Officers

Janet Brand - Chairman

Janet has been the Chairman of EHRS since 2019, and was a previous Honorary Officer for 10 years serving 6 years as a Vice Chair, and Honorary Secretary for 4 years.

She runs the Tzedakah Group and has previously been Chair of YCC and Friends of YCC.

She has also been very involved with Youth, Education and Welfare.

Jeremy Harrod - Joint Vice Chair


Jeremy has been a member of Council since 2001 and an Honorary Officer since 2012. Former chair of the Services Committee, he also serves as a lay reader.

Jeremy served on the steering group for the merger and the Rabbinic Succession Group.

He is the current joint Vice Chair of EHRS.

Jo Sigalov - Joint Vice Chair

Born into the EDRS community, Jo (née Wax) joined Council in 2011 and became Honorary Secretary in 2014 responsible for staffing, Beyond EHRS and Corporate Secretarial.

Jo taught at both EDRS and HRS. She serves on the Constitution Group, and thECulture and Heritage Group.

She is the current joint Vice Chair of EHRS.


Kevin Maddison - Joint Honorary Treasurer


Treasurer of HRS, and Joint Honorary Treasurer at EHRS, Kevin is a retired chartered and certified accountant with a vast experience in charity accounting.

Michael Lerman - Joint Honorary Treasurer

Michael spent more than 10 years on Council and other EHRS committees.

He was previously elected as assistant Honorary Treasurer, and then as Honorary Treasurer.

Michael Weber - Honorary Secretary

Michael has been a trustee since 2011, responsible for Within EHRS and Shabbat Kiddushim,
and is currently the High Holy Day Co-ordinator.

He was a Warden for several years, twice as Senior Warden, and has been the Honorary Secretary for the last 2 years.

Daniel Mitchell - Honorary Officer

A long-standing member of EHRS, Daniel is past Chair of the Security Committee and continues to serve on the team.

He has been an EHRS Council member for 3 years.

Andrew Woolstone - Honorary Officer

A childhood member of EDRS Andrew has served on Council since 2015, and is a current Honorary Officer.

He is Chair of the Membership Committee and previously served on the Technology Working Group.

Council Members

Fiona Aitman


Fiona had been a member of HRS for 42 years, and on Council for 6 years.

She currently enjoys being a Trustee on the Council of EHRS, a post she has held since the merger.


Robert Brand

Robert has served on Council for several years.

He is the head of the Services Committee, was the High Holy Day Coordinator for 10 years, and was previously a Senior Warden and on the Governance Committee.



Donna Bryk

Donna and her family have been members of EHRS since 2013. She has helped run the 3rd Edgware Brownies since 2014.

Last year, she helped with a Community Circle and the Tech Team for the High Holy Days.

She is also part of a social support group at EHRS.

Neil Flash

Neil was previously a Council member at EDRS and EHRS, and served on the Communications Advisory
and Technology Review groups.

He is currently a Managing Director of a communications consultancy.

Sharon Garson

Sharon has been a member for over 30 years during which time many years and serving on the Warden team for some time, including as Senior Warden.

She has a strong interest in our Services and is also Line Manager for Nagila Nursery.

Ben Konyn

Ben has been an active EHRS Member since childhood and previously served on Council as well as YCC
(as vice-chair and treasurer).

He was also Akela of the Cub Pack, Co-ordinated EDRS’ first Mitzvah Day, and implemented the streaming of services.

David Mendoza-Wolfson

David has been on Council since 2019. He is currently the Vice President of The Board of Deputies of British Jews, and a trustee of the London Jewish Forum.

He previously worked as the Incident Analyst at CST.


Lorna Perez

Lorna previously served as a Council member for EDRS and is returning to serve EHRS.

Lorna is an active member of our Meet and Greet committee for visitors to synagogue services, and also served as Warden.

Eric Sander

Eric has served on EHRS Council since the merger and prior to that he was on Council and the Executive Committee at HRS, where he was a member for more than 30 years.

He has special interests in our twinned community Bobruisk (Belarus).

Bradley Trainis

Bradley has been on Council for 8 years and has served as both Warden and Senior Warden.

He is the Chair of the Education Department.

All his family participate in Synagogue life.

Jo Weber

Jo has been serving on Council as a Trustee for several years and Chair of the Youth Centre Committee.

She is a qualified youth worker with extensive experience, including Senior Youth Worker at EDRS.

Elliot Allen

Elliott has been a member of EDRS and EHRS for many years, and has worked as a Youth Leader at the
EHRS Kaytana & Kadima Summer Scheme.

Elliott is the Young Members Representative for Council.


Keith Price – Senior Warden

Keith joined EDRS in 1959 and has been involved in many aspects of the synagogue since then. He has been Chairman, Vice-President and President of EDRS, and most recently Joint President of EHRS.




Stephen Gilbert – Warden

Stephen was on the Charity Committee many years ago.



Annita Tischler – Warden

Annita has served as a warden for many years and is a previous Senior Warden. She volunteers with Telenet and visits our elderly members, as well as phoning members regarding their yahrzeits. She is also currently in training to become a wedding registrar.