Jewish Day Schools Admission


EHRS is here to help and support your application for admission to a Jewish school

If you choose to apply for admission to a Jewish day school, EHRS is delighted to help everyone looking to obtain CRP (Certificate of Religious Practice) points for admissions in September 2024

Helping your child gain admission to a Jewish Day School
Jewish day schools all require the completion of a CRP (Certificate of Religious Practice) form for admission which is dependent on collecting points for service attendance, Jewish education or volunteering in the Jewish community. Each school has its own unique requirements which you can find on the admissions section of the school’s website.

We are very happy to help you collect CRP points to confirm you have attended services and activities at EHRS. Please click here for our CRP information presentation for primary schools or click here for secondary schools information which goes through everything you need to know about how to collect with EHRS and a summary of what schools are asking for. Schools are no longer accepting online attendance.  

In summary:
1. We ask you to register with the EHRS Education team ( or 020 8238 1012) that you are collecting points through EHRS and then he will help you keep a record of these attendances.
2. You will be assigned an individual record card for your child, which you will collect stickers for services attended. This will be given to you at your first attendance, then kept at the Shul for safe keeping! This will also be engaging for children to collect and fill up their records.
3. When you have attended the required number of services, or wish to have your child’s attendance of Orot, Nagila or your volunteering confirmed please contact Guy to organize your meeting with one of our Rabbis.
4. The final stage is to meet with one of our Rabbis who will use the record card to confirm your attendances required by the schools, and look forward to supporting you and signing your form.

Services and activities you can attend include:
• Kuddle Up Shabbat in person once a month on a Friday at 16:15. Please check the online calendar.
• Shabbat Stay & Play – pre-schoolers 10:30 Friday mornings
• Friday night OR Saturday morning service in person (18:30 on a Friday and 10:30 on a Shabbat morning)
• Monthly Shabbat Club – 4th Shabbat of every month
• Once a month family musical Shirah service – 2nd Shabbat of every month
• Sunday morning Shacharit
• Parent volunteering (CST, Uniform groups, Community Care)
• Your child’s attendance at Nagila nursery or Orot

For any questions or support around CRP collection our Education & Youth team would be delighted to help. Please contact (for Primary) and (for Secondary) or call us on 020 8238 1012