What Makes Me Angry?


What Makes Me Angry?
EHRS Launch of Rabbi Jonathan Romain’s new book
Thursday 26 May, 20:00-21:30

Far from being meek and mild, Reform rabbis can get very angry. 21 of them including Rabbi Debbie and Rabbi Mark have written short essays about what provokes their ire and they have been collected in a book edited by Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain and published by Reform Judaism. The subjects cover major fault-lines in society or the injustice we inflict on others, be it online abuse, climate change, Israel, social exclusion, cruelty to animals, antisemitism, the invisibility of women, business ethics, the integration of converts to Judaism, the wellness industry, and arguing intolerantly. It also asks what makes God angry, as well as reflecting on anger itself and when it can be helpful or unhelpful, productive or narcissistic.

Our Rabbis join Rabbi Romain to introduce you to the book, with copies available if you would like to take one home (at £9.99, discounted to £7.99 if purchased on the night)