Eco-Shiur, 09:15 Sukkot Morning Service, 10:30 Shabbat B’Sukkah, 10:30 Sukkot Family Service, 11:30

Eco-Shiur, 09:15

Over this extraordinary year the Earth has had something of a rest from regular damaging human activity. What difference has this actually made and what are can we do as Jews to improve the ecological future of the world? With Rabbi Mark

Sukkot Morning Service, 10:30 – our traditional Sukkot service led from the Beit Tefillah

Shabbat B’Sukkah, 10:30

Shabbat B’Bayit heads into the Sukkah to bring you a very special Shabbat B’Sukkah LIVE from EHRS! Join us on Facebook Live or Zoom. Details will be found in the OWA email.

Sukkot Family Service, 11:30

Tune in on Facebook Live for a fun and friendly family service complete with songs and stories with a Sukkot theme!