Sukkot & Simchat Torah

Sukkot & Simchat Torah

Our full Sukkot & Simchat Torah programme will be publicised closer to the time of the festival as the restrictions that will be needed to comply with government guidelines may have altered. Whether online or in person, these are the activities that we certainly plan. Full details will be available via OWA, or email


We will build a Sukkah at the Synagogue this year and publish a schedule of activities to take place in it so that members of the congregation can visit it in safe groups. Building it will be a challenge as there is no Sunday between Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Please do help out during the week at a point that works for you.

Click here to book a visit to the Sukkah

Friday 2 October
Sukkah Decorating Party, 15:00-18:00
Volunteers are needed to cut and/or collect laurel & help build the Sukkah and all offers of help will be warmly received. Please call the Synagogue office on 0208 238 1000 if you have any laurel that we might use, we are always looking for new sources. Gifts of fruit, vegetables and flowers for the EHRS Sukkah will be welcomed from Wednesday 30 September (08:30-14:30).

Kuddle Up Sukkot, 16:15-16:45
Experiencing the magic of the Sukkot festival for our youngest members with our Rabbis and Shabbat Dinosaur.

Sukkot Evening Service, 18:30

Saturday 3 October
Eco-Shiur, 09:15
Over this extraordinary year the Earth has had something of a rest from regular damaging human activity.  What difference has this actually made and what are can we do as Jews to improve the ecological future of the world?  With Rabbi Mark

Sukkot Morning Service, 10:30
Our traditional Sukkot service led from the Beit Tefillah

Shabbat B’Sukkah, 10:30
Shabbat B’Bayit heads into the Sukkah to bring you a very special Shabbat B’Sukkah LIVE from EHRS! Join us on Facebook Live or Zoom.

Sukkot Family Service, 11:30
Tune in on Facebook Live for a fun and friendly family service complete with songs and stories with a Sukkot theme!


Friday 9 October
Kuddle Up Simchat Torah, 16:15-16:45
An introduction to our Sifrei Torah for our youngest members with our Rabbis and Shabbat Dinosaur.

Please join us on Zoom – Details in the OWA email

Rolling out a Whole Sefer Torah, 17:30-18:30
See a whole Sefer Torah opened as our B’nei Mitzvah this year see how all of their portions fit together.

Please join us on Zoom – Details in the OWA email

Simchat Torah Evening Service, 18:30

Please join us on the Classic Channel

Saturday 10 October
Simchat Torah Service, 10:30
Including the Hakkafot where we dance with the Sifrei Torah, virtually or in person. Our Chatanim and Kallot Torah and Bereshit this extraordinary year will not be individuals but rather groups within our congregation who have made a difference in the lives of their fellow members, the wider community or have coped amazingly with the challenge of Covid-19.

Please join us on the Classic Channel

Family Simchat Torah Activities, 10:30
Our young people get ready for the joy of Torah with Rabbi Debbie.

Please join us on Zoom – Details in the OWA email