Environmental Action Team

Environmental Action Team (EAT)

It started with a thought-provoking meeting back in October 2019 “Climate Change is a Jewish Issue.”

A good turnout and a lively discussion produced several proposed actions one of which, joining EcoSynagogue, was prioritised for 2020. EcoSynagogue (www.ecosynagogue.org) is designed to provide a practical and simple road map towards a net zero carbon future. This unique initiative spans the whole Jewish community with religious leadership from four denominations of Judaism. Rabbi Mark is the Reform Judaism representative on the Steering Group.

EcoSynagogue invites each participating synagogue to an online Environmental Audit which is a comprehensive survey of how we engage with the environment in our places of worship. The audit helps us to assess how we are doing and ways in which we can improve. The score will lead to a Bronze, Silver and ultimately Gold EcoSynagogue Award. At the moment, we have a way to go and EHRS is a few points short of a Bronze level!

The first requirement is for EHRS to have an environmental policy in place. Environmental Action Team members, Julie Tucker & Daniel Mitchell have been working on a draft policy for our Council to consider adopting. Forming the E.A.T group fulfils the third requirement.

We plan to create a number of activities this year to bring environmental action into EHRS life. Our most recent event was an open business breakfast on Environmental Sustainability at work hosted by EHRS member, David Saul at his city office. Hopefully, some of the excellent ideas first mooted back in 2019 will also come to fruition.


EHRS Eco Tips
This contribution is from Jeremy Ross, Interior designer & environmental campaigner/environmental advocate.
Light bulbs: Switching to light-emitting diodes (LED) and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are both energy-saving bulbs. They are a much more efficient alternative to now defunct incandescent and halogen bulbs. CFLs use 60-80% less energy than an incandescent, halogens use 20-30% and LEDs use an astonishing 90% less.

Try this handy tip for unblocking kitchen sinks. Add 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of white wine vinegar. Cover for 15 minutes while the frothing mixture gets to work and then rinse with plenty of hot water. Practical, economical, and eco friendly.