Edgware & Hendon Reform Synagogue Youth Centre offers young people the opportunity to express themselves and have fun in a safe Jewish environment.

EHRS Youth Centre is run by our Youth Workers who along with a highly dedicated and trained team of volunteers, bring activities for everyone no matter their age.

There is so many activities for all age groups throughout the year from weekly to one off, at EHRS and off site. With a large space and great equipment we are able to create whatever atmosphere we desire, whether its dark and spooky for a murder mystery or bright and loud for a Hawaiian beach party. Festivals have a big effect on us; Sukkah decorating party, Chanukah tea, Purim party - fancy dress of course, Shavuot ice cream Kiddush or Family Friday night dinners.

We have a computer room giving young people the facilities to engage with others, do homework and explore the world from the safety of our youth centre.

We are proud to be an RSY-Netzer club bringing all our participants not only the RSY ethos through our activities but also the chance to sign up for all national events from Sheleg to Shemesh, Netzer Venture Day to Purim Speil!

Our activities will provide your children with a high quality experience that will enhance their development, learning and spiritual wellbeing. Whilst with us at EHRS we hope that your children will learn the true meaning of community and feel connected as part of the EHRS Mishpacha (Family). We are based on respect, trust, loyalty, compassion and care. We help children realise the uniqueness they have as an individual but help them celebrate the similarities we have. 

EHRS is a place to put big smiles on little faces. It is a place where everyone can continue to learn, and friendships started at EHRS last a life time.