Thursday 28 - Friday 29 May 2020
Join us online for this year's Shavuot services, study and activities. Go to to live stream our services

Thursday 28 May
Erev Shavuot Service, 19:30-20:20 on the EHRS Livestream
Introducing us to the festival for this year, led by our Rabbis

Tikkun Ley’l Shavuot, 20:30-00:15 - Keep Taking the Tablets on Zoom
Our Tikkun Ley’l Shavuot this year takes the Ten Commandments to pieces and then puts them back together again. You can join us for all three sessions or just one or two, depending on your choice of bed time. Sessions will run: 20:30-21:15, 21:15-22:00 and 22:15-23:00 and 23:15-00:15 with breaks to get a coffee and piece of cheesecake to keep you going! Our Rabbis will be teaching with experts in each of the issues covered by the commandments.

Please keep reading for full details of Tikkun Ley'l Shavuot sessions, and Friday morning Shavuot services

For Zoom details for all sessions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be delighted to send them to you.

Tikkun Ley’l Shavuot
Commandments 1-3
1)  I am the Eternal your God : With Rabbi Mark and theologian, Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet
2)  You shall not make yourself a graven image: With Rabbi Debbie and artist, Goshka Stolarska
3)  You shall not swear….: With Rabbi Emily and stand-up comedian, Elie Kraft

Commandments 4-6
4)  Remember the Sabbath day: With Rabbi Debbie and Christian ministers, Nathan Eddy & Claire Dowding
5)  Respect your father and mother: With Rabbi Mark and  child and adult clinical psychologist, Dr Nikki Teper
6)  You shall not murder: With Rabbi Emily and judge, Keith Price

Commandments 7-8
7)  You shall not commit adultery: With Rabbi Debbie and specialist family lawyer, Deborah Levy
8)  You shall not steal: With Rabbi Emily and sociologist, Dr Keith Kahn-Harris

Commandments 9-10
9)  You shall not give false evidence: With Rabbi Debbie and ex-prospective parliamentary candidate Holly Kal-Weiss and ex-borough Councillor Adam Langleben
10)  You shall not covet: With Rabbi Mark and the advertising industry

Friday 29 May
Main Service, 10:30 on the EHRS Livestream
Our Shacharit and Torah Service will be led by Rabbi Mark Goldsmith and Rabbi Debbie Young Somers. They include the reading of the Ten Commandments and all the ingredients of a regular Shavuot. Here is a link to the special Machzor (Prayer Book) that we will use for the morning service on the Festival of Shavuot. Click here to use it. The Torah and Haftarah portions for Shavout will be found on the EHRS community channel. It will be followed by a Zoom Kiddush with the details given at the end of the service.

Shavuot B'Bayit, 10:30-11:15
Join Rabbi Emily LIVE on the EHRS Facebook page for Shavuot B'Bayit, a Shavuot morning service with songs, stories, and reflections to give you a chance to stand at Mount Sinai without the formality.

Shavuot for Kids, 11:30-12:15
Join Rabbi Emily LIVE on the EHRS Facebook page or by Zoom (details in EHRS Our Week Ahead e-mail or ask This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to send it to you) for Shavuot for Kids, a Shavuot morning family service to make our festival come alive with a cheesecake of song, prayer, Torah tales and interaction.

Kuddle Up Shabbat by Livestream 16:15-16:45
Go to the front page of the EHRS website at 16:15 and join Rabbi Debbie and the Shavuot Dinosaur for Shavuot stories and songs through our livestream. Best for younger children.