With All Things Jewish at EHRS there’s a chance to learn Hebrew, investigate Jewish responses to contemporary issues, examine the issue of K’vod Ha’briyot (human dignity), try out mindfulness - and much more!

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Rosh Hodesh: More Matriarchs!!
In honour of the New Moon, a traditional women’s holiday, this is a monthly study group for women and men. We think we know our ancestral mothers, but two almost-matriarchs are largely unfamiliar. By delving into Torah and Rabbinic literature we’ll explore the stories of the two handmaids and what they can teach us. With Eleanor Davis

Introducing the Book of Ruth: Torah Study via Zoom
Mondays 4, 11, 18 & 25 May, 20:00-21:00
Traditionally we read the Book of Ruth on Shavuot: join Student Rabbi Eleanor Davis to delve into the book ahead of Shavuot and meet some of its key characters.

4 May - Meet Naomi: an older woman utterly changed by the tragedies that befall her – will her longing for return be granted?
11 May - Meet Ruth: a younger woman who clings to her new family – how far will her lovingkindness take her?
18 May - Rosh Hodesh special: meet the woman who turned back – can there be a happy ending for her too?
25 May - Meet Boaz: a rich and powerful redeemer whose actions will change their lives – could he be the ultimate hero?

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Talmud Class - via Zoom
Sundays 10 & 24 May and 21 June, 10:00 - 11:00
EHRS’s stimulating and friendly Talmud class is open to all levels of Jewish knowledge. Join Rabbi Mark to grapple with the ideas of our classical Rabbis. Join the discussion of 2000 years ago and its remarkable relevance to issues today. No previous Talmud study experience necessary, just a thirst to get deep into the foundational texts of Judaism. This class is conducted online through Zoom as discussion and argument is what it is all about!
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Our popular Saturday morning Torah study returns this month. This time though you will have to provide your own bagel at home as it is returning online! The Zoom link details will be provided in Our Week Ahead so that you can participate and ask questions or you can watch on the EHRS livestream. The texts what we are studying will also be provided as a link on the front page of the EHRS website.

Saturday 16 May, 09:15-10:00 
Behar-Bechukkotai - Rabbi Mark teaches about buying and selling property in the Bible, and its deep symbolism of
confidence and despair.

Saturday 20 June, 09:15-10:00 
Korach - Rabbi Debbie asks the question, would I have done what Korach did in rebelling against Moses? If good and bad always obvious?

Tweet-sized Torah
Mondays 8 & 15 June, 20:00-21:00
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Pirkei Avot's short maxims would fit easily on social media, yet offer surprisingly deep insights and Jewish ethical teachings. This tractate of the Mishnah (the first part of the Oral Torah), also known as the Sayings of the Fathers, is one of the best-loved and most-quoted parts of Rabbinic literature. It is studied frequently, especially on summer Shabbat afternoons, and contains plenty to uplift, inspire and motivate us.
As we approach our secular Father's Day, these sessions will dip into the Sayings of the Fathers selections at the back of the Reform Judaism siddur: no prior knowledge needed, just curiosity about what our ancient 'fathers' have to teach us today. With Student Rabbi Eleanor Davis.

EHRS Spring Outing: Disraeli Day at Hughenden Manor
Thursday 26 March 09:00 - 18:00

Join Rabbi Mark for a day out in the Berkshire countryside at Hughenden Manor, the home of the first (and so far only) British Prime Minister of Jewish origin, Benjamin Disraeli. Following refreshments and a talk by the curator of the Manor, we will visit the house and gardens. The Manor is displaying the exhibition “Between Two Faiths” which is an exploration of Explore Disraeli’s Jewish roots, his childhood baptism, anti-Semitic public reception, as well as how he created a Jewish visual identity towards the end of his life.
Cost £34 (£24 National Trust members on presentation of their membership card at Hughenden Manor) which includes all transport from and back to EHRS, admissions and refreshments, but does not include the cost of lunch (approx. £10-15 at the Stables Café or feel welcome to bring a packed lunch).


Saturday 7 March
Mamzerut – Excluding Jews from their community.
Emma Rozenberg is a family lawyer who is doing research for her PHd on the Orthodox phenomenon of mamzerut.  This is where a child born to a woman whose ex-husband refuses to grant an Orthodox religious divorce is excluded from aspects of participation in the Orthodox community, such as marriage. She will explain the situation and its painful effects. Hosted by Rabbi Mark.

Saturday 4 April

Our First Shabbat Shiur is given by Marie Van Der Zyl, President of the Board of Deputies. Marie was elected President in 2018. In this Shiur she will share with us the challenges and delights of enabling our diverse Jewish community to have a voice in government and the nation, steering the Board through controversial issues and empowering the Board to help the development of the British Jewish community. Marie will also be giving the sermon this Shabbat.

Tuesdays 7 January - 24 March, 11:00

An opportunity to brush up on the mameloshen that your Booba used when she got angry with your Zaider.


Tuesdays 7 January - 31 March, 10:00

A fun, conversational class that is suitable for people who can read script and have a basic spoken Hebrew knowledge.  


Shabbats 11 January, 8 February & 14 March, 9:15

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