Here are a selection of recordings from the EHRS Choir for you to listen to. The "Krafty Koristors" will be able to provide more recordings in this way, so please look out for them here in the coming weeks. Ann Sadan

Odecha is part of Psalm 118, which is always included in our Halleil prayers on Rosh Chodesh and Festivals. You can find it on page 673 in our Siddur, beginning at v 21. We have three different tunes that are sung at EHRS, and this recording has proved to be one of the favourite versions in our Shul. If some of the chords sound familiar, or Stephen Glass’ arrangement ‘rings some bells’ this is because we also sing Stephen’s Adon Olam - known as San Francisco. We hope you find this uplifting.

Enosh Kechatsir
Enosh kechatsir is always sung during a Yizkor service as it talks of 'Frail men and women, their days are like grass, they blossom like a flower in the field; but the breeze passes over it and it is gone and its place knows it no more.'

Mah Ashiv & Lecha Ezbach
To You I offer the offering of gratitude and call on the name of the Eternal.
I will fulfil my promises to the Eternal in the presence of godly people,
In the courts of the house o the Eternal, In you midst, Jerusalem! Praise God!

This was made through individual recordings sent to me which I then collated and 'roughly' mixed, and I chose Essa Enai specifically for Rabbi Neil Kraft and his family. Click here to play