All Things Jewish (Adult Education)

EHRS’ All Things Jewish committee put on an array of events that cater to many different interests. Our comprehensive adult education programme ensures that further learning can be not only fun but even leave you wanting more.

It’s not all about Jewish learning, we pride ourselves on offering our synagogue members the chance to unwind with entertainment nights, interactive cookery demonstrations, talks by fascinating speakers and we are even responsible for the annual EHRS Awards – Everyday Heroes Recognised as Stars.

There really is something for everybody, so why not explore the great range of upcoming events we’ve got planned. Don’t forget, we can get pretty booked up so make sure you sign up nice and early if something appeals to you.

For more information please email We look forward to seeing you soon, ATJ Committee.

Bite of Torah

Bite of Torah for everyone interested in Torah
Our popular Saturday morning Torah study in it’s wonderful richness. Zoom link details will be provided in Our Week Ahead email so that you can participate and ask questions.

Saturday 19 June, 09:15-10:00
Personnel Policy – Chukkat is the Torah portion in which Moses loses his role as the leader of the Israelites into the Promised Land. Rabbi Mark asks what did Moses do to deserve this and was it good personnel policy on the part of his Divine employer?

Saturday 17 July, 09:15-10:00
Shabbat Chazon means the Shabbat of Vision, taken from the Haftarah read this week to prepare us for Tisha B’av. How have Jews held on to a positive vision of the future through so much tragedy, and what visions do you have for the future today? With Rabbi Debbie

Saturday 21 August, 09:15-10:00
Elul – The High Holy Days are nearly here, so our Bite of Torah has an Elul theme. Today we talk about how we celebrate Rosh Hashanah and how we take stock of our lives on Yom Kippur. Why is it that celebration and solemnity are so closely allied in the Jewish calendar? With Rabbi Roberta.


Talmud Class

Talmud Class via Zoom
Sundays 20 June, 4 July, 25 July & 29 August, 10:00-11:00

EHRS’s stimulating and friendly Talmud class is open to all levels of Jewish knowledge. Join Rabbi Mark to grapple with the ideas of our classical Rabbis. Join the discussion of 2000 years ago and its remarkable relevance to issues today.

No previous Talmud study experience necessary, just a thirst to get deep into the foundational texts of Judaism.

This class is conducted online through Zoom as discussion and argument is what it is all about! Please email to get the Zoom details and the Talmud texts we are studying.

Rosh Hodesh: All About Eve with Eleanor Davis

Rosh Hodesh: All About Eve with Eleanor Davis
Torah Study via Zoom

Mondays evenings, 20:00-21:00 running monthly until July 2021
(11 January, 8 February, 8 March, 12 April, 10 May, 7 June, 5 July)

All About Eve: The New Moon is a traditional women’s holiday, but this monthly study group is open to all. This year we’re exploring Eve’s story in Torah and Rabbinic literature, to investigate the first woman as an individual and as an archetype. Join us to discover how Eve is far more than just a spare rib.
Please email for Zoom details.

How to Create your own Mezuzah

How to create your own Mezuzah
Sunday 9 May, 11:00

Much respected and admired sofer, Bernard Benarroch, will be teaching us on Zoom about what goes into creating the scroll for a mezuzah. He will also tell us about the history and tradition of the mezuzah.

Rabbi Mark will take us on a journey around the world to explore different kinds of mezuzot – from using the 10 commandments instead of the Shema to writing the words actually on your doorpost!

You will also have the opportunity to design your own mezuzah case with Rabbi Debbie.

Finally we will be honouring Rabbi Kraft with a mezuzah painted with motifs that remind us of him, which will be put up on the doorpost of what was his office.

We've Travelled So-Far-Day

We’ve Travelled So-Far-Day
Sunday 30 May, 10:00-13:00

This is a morning, dedicated to a whole Jewish world, telling three parts of the Sephardi and Mizrachi Jewish story.
In this year where we cannot travel, EHRS offers you a morning to visit Jewish communities in time and places where we thrived in the past, moved on from or transformed today. At EHRS we frequently tell the Ashkenazi (German and Eastern European) Jewish story. Today is about the many other parts of the world where Judaism has set down roots. We will hear about the Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean and the Jewish communities they founded, the flourishing of Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah in Safed, Israel, and how Baghdad hosted 2500 years of extraordinary Jewish culture, until the Farhud Day massacre, 80 years ago on June 1-2 1941, began to bring it to an end. The stories will be told by descendants of the Jews of the places we are hearing about, from Baghdad – Edwin Shuker, Vice President of the Board of Deputies and author Miriam Halahmy, Tim Regis, brought up in St Lucia, and Janet Berenson, Kabbalah expert, together with Rabbi Mark and Student Rabbi Lev Taylor.

The whole morning takes place on Zoom for adults, with a break for home refreshments! For more details of our speakers and programme through the morning click here
For children of all ages, at exactly the same time, ‘We’ve Travelled So-Far-Day’ takes place in person at EHRS. Please email Marian Cohen at to join the engaging and specially created activities at shul to take a magic carpet to Baghdad, a donkey ride to Safed and a Pirate Ship to the Caribbean and help your children to learn about the breadth of our Jewish heritage.

Please email for Zoom details.

Gates of Everyday Holiness – A course in Mussar

Gates of Everyday Holiness – A course in Mussar

This course has been running since November 2020 and continues until April 2021 on alternate Tuesdays taught by Rabbis Monique Mayer and Mark Goldsmith on the principles of Mussar, the Jewish practice which helps us to find the best in ourselves. The group is full. We hope to offer further Mussar courses in the future.

GodWrestling – a guided discussion about belief and uncertainty

GodWrestling – a guided discussion about belief and uncertainty

This is a group of EHRS that has been meeting monthly since November to explore our views about God and our relationships to him/her/it with Rabbi Mark. The group filled up completely before the first session and we expect to run the sessions again later in the year for those who would like to join us. So far we have studied articles by Jonathan Freedland, and Professors Neil Gillman and Menachem Kellner.

Please contact Rabbi Mark,, if you would like to know as soon as the next class is planned.